How to Identify a Good Scripter

You can find a good scripter according to the following criteria:

Has a good reputation

If he can demonstrate that other people trusted his work it means that he’s able to provide a good service. You can verify the reputation by looking at his own discord server or Fiverr reviews.

Has a list of satisfied customers

Most experienced scripters are in demand. The number of his previous customers is a good indicator of the quality of his work. Don’t be afraid to ask what his past experiences are. Experience is built over time.

Doesn’t rush

Designing a well-made script takes time. If the scripter is rushing you to buy his services, without even listening to your requirements it’s a bad sign.

A good scripter takes the time to fully understand the problem, come up with a plan, and implement the best possible script.

Has designed entire systems by himself

Designing a system from scratch is more difficult than editing existing ones.

A more experienced scripter will also have at his disposal a wider library of past work from which he may take existing code fragments and speed up the development process.

But it’s still important that he takes the time to design a modular system that can be expanded and edited by other developers.

The system of the server is typically built on a specific framework that is composed of several files (server side, client side, fxmanifest, html, etc.) The system is what defines the game experience, so don’t neglect it.

Has worked on servers with 100+ players

This is the ultimate proof of his good work. A server with 100+ players requires designing systems to attract new players and multiple optimizations. Ultimately this factor also means that the scripter’s work has been trusted by other server owners.

Where to find a scripter?

Fiverr − Thanks to the reviews you can identify good scripters and get the job done for you.

Here is our list of trusted scripters: