How to install FiveM

What is FiveM?

✅ FiveM is a mod that lets you play on GTA role-play servers
✅ It runs independently from your GTA:Online account
✅ Does not modify the GTA V files

Required downloads

➡️ An official version of GTA V that you can get either from:

  • Steam
  • Epic game launcher
  • Rockstar games launcher

➡️ FiveM mod →


  1. Open FiveM.exe and wait for the download
  2. If this pop-up appears, click Yes
  1. If the GTA V installation folder is not detect automatically you’ll be asked to manually select it.

If you have Steam: Go to your C Drive or the Hard Drive where you have your Steam games installed to, for example: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V.

To find it launch Steam and go to Steam → Settings → Downloads and click the Steam Library Folders button and look for the GTA 5 Game Folder.

If you have Epic: Go to your C Drive then open up the Program Files folder, Locate the Epic Games folder, Open, locate the folder Named “GTAV” (That is your GTA 5 Game Folder Location, that you have to select)

Alternatively: Right click the GTA 5 icon and select “Open file location”, like this:

  1. Create a FiveM account
  1. Server and click Connect
  2. If this message comes up, click Cancel:

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