The Secrets of Mainstream servers that Gets them a Lot of Players

Systems with a unique design

Your server should provide a unique experience, downloading premade servers and slightly editing it won’t be enough to create a successful server.
Creating an engaging experience for the players is key to acquiring and retaining players.

Collaborations with roleplay streamers

If you can get a twitch streamer on your server more players will want to join your server. So you must give the streamers a reason to join your server and provide a competent group of people that are able to play with the streamer. Unfortunately, most streamers are paid to film on a specific server, so you can either invest in a partnership or start your own twitch channel.

No trollers bothering

Players value troll-free servers and the top servers have systems in place to avoid them.
Trollers usually come in and play with hacks, especially if there is a streamer on the server, and they usually:

  • Fly around the world with a car
  • Yell into the microphone
  • Play using hacks
  • Make fun of other players

To avoid this, you need an Anti-Cheat system and an admin staff that is able to surveil the server by staying invisible near the streamer

Are you planning to start a Twitch channel?

A good strategy to increase the engagement is to create highlight videos that will link back to the full content. Since this may be a very tedious job you may want to outsource it to a professional video editor.

Here is our featured list of video editors for your Twitch streams: