Top 3 Characteristics of a Pro Scripter

He’s more than a coder

a competent scripter is able to design engaging experiences for the players. So he must be able to do a two-people job: design the game dynamics and translate them into code.


A good scripter takes the time to fully understand the problem, come up with a plan, and implement the best possible script.

Since the server’s success depends on the quality of the scripts, avoid partnering with scripters that promise you an unreasonable quick delivery time. Testing every aspect of the script is crucial to avoid bugs and problems.

Designing a good script takes time since it is a multiple-step process: game dynamic -> code -> testing -> optimization -> start again.


You can verify the scripter’s reputation by looking at his own discord server or Fiverr recensions. It’s a good indicator of how the scripter works and how he may handle challenges posed by his clients

Where to find a scripter?

Fiverr. Thanks to the reviews you can identify good scripters and get the job done for you.

Here is our list of trusted scripters: