Why Choosing a Cheap Hosting Provider is Bad for Your Server

A good hosting provider is the foundation of a reliable server. Finding a balanced compromise between performance and price may be tricky.

We created a comparison table to help you identify the minimum requirements based on the number of players:

0-50Intel i7-7700k (4 cores)4 GB30 GBYesOptional
50-150AMD Ryzen 5 5600X (6 cores)8 GB60 GBYesYes
150+Intel i9-9900k (8 cores)12 GB90 GBYesYes
Minimum requirements

Anti-DDoS it’s a hard requirement

If your hosting provider doesn’t include it you may get attacks and your server won’t be reachable


If you don’t have a lot of players, cheaters won’t join your server, so you can skip this option

Choose a reputable hosting provider

Not all hosting providers are the same.

Even though they may offer you the same characteristics, their servers may suffer from overloading, and hardware wear.

An example is SSD storage. Oversharing the SSD with multiple users, and filling it up to the maximum capacity can permanently damage the SSD, and lower the overall speed. To keep an SSD healthy it’s required to always have some free space, and reduce highly I/O operations.

A reputable hosting provider will perform regular maintenance, replace defective hardware more frequently, and provide you a better SLA

Free Hosting

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